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Well, I needed a title. Sometimes one’s life gets turned upside down in a positive way. On Oct. 22 I found a new home that suited me just fine, closed the deal 11 days later and moved in from Nov. 2-7. Due to the haste of the move I’m still unpacking the “mixed” boxes, and shedding stuff I presumably would have jettisoned on the front end had things moved more slowly.
Will now post the talk I intended to post after Oct. 14.


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Wordle from warning

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As John Maynard Keynes famously replied to a challenger who accused him of changing his mind: “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?”

Here’s a great collection of heavy thinkers talking about changing their minds. (Many thanks to the illustrious and ever-thoughtful Mark Morford for this link).

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American Radio Works has a fun little game on their Web site that lets you calculate how many planets would be necessary to support the world’s population if everyone lived like you. This one is fun and informative, though just a tad slow to load. Click here.


(I couldn’t make the “play” arrow work on this blog, so click up there, or click here.)

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The latest CBS poll is probably giving Hillary the heebie-jeebies.

Here are the numbers if Gore is included in the national presidential preference poll.

Clinton 37%
Gore 32%
Obama 17%
Edwards 7%

Gore also has significantly better favorabilities than Clinton.

Clinton fav/unfav

Gore fav/unfav

Remember that unfavorable feelings are almost as important as favorable. There are many of us who feel like we were suckered four years ago when big media decided to take down Dean. (People forget that he talked about re-regulating big media on national TV just a few weeks before the fake “scream” issue was used to raise his unfavorables.)

As I have predicted before, I do again. Al Gore is our next president.

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